Self-Service Car Wash Connection

Introducing an innovative program to save you money while providing greener car wash products.

Although we will never compromise quality, we understand the need for economical products in this tough economy. We will always manufacture the highest quality products using the finest raw materials. You will pay lower prices because we are a local manufacturer with lower overhead and we pass on the savings to you.

Choice Manufacturing Co. has been locally owned since 1985. We currently supply many Colorado car washes and want to add yours to our list of satisfied customers. Doing business with us is a win-win situation. You will save money without sacrificing quality. Our expertise will give your car wash a higher customer appeal, help the environment, and provide a clean, spot-free car that will keep customers returning.

Self-Service Car Wash Products


1St Step

Excellent pre-soak cleaner. High foaming, cuts through tough grease, road film, bugs, and dirt. Contains special wetting agents and emulsifiers that help dissolve dirt and oil.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Clean Force

The ultimate presoak that is quick to penetrate and remove road films. Safe yet effective.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal



Superior tire and engine cleaner. High foaming when used with air injection and has great rinse ability. It’s a non-caustic and metal-safe product. Impact is fluorescent green with a Pine scent.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Green Label Powder

Our finest tire and engine detergent. It is developed to remove heavy dirt and grease accumulations. Green Label is a high alkaline and high foaming product.
Sizes available: 50# / 400#

Tire Pac 1&2

A highly concentrated dual solution for removing tough soils and grease. Makes 50 gal before dilution. TirePac 1 is highly alkaline and TirePac 2 contains surfactants, high foamers, and fluorescent green colorant.
Sizes available: 5 gal

Foam Brush

Triple Foam Deluxe – Red, Yellow & Blue

A premium product. Foamy is a highly concentrated, great foaming product that is available in apple, cherry, and cinnamon scents. This product produces a blue, red, or blue foam when applied through the foam systems.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Foam It

A high quality foam brush detergent with excellent lubricity for brushes. Produces a thick, dense foam.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Wash ’N Wax

A highly concentrated foam brush detergent with Carnauba wax added for a clean and shiny appearance.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

High Pressure Detergents

Gold Label

Our premium high foaming car wash detergent. Highly concentrated, excellent cleaning and rinsing for hard and soft water conditions. Fluorescent green-yellow with a pine scent. Easy to rinse off.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Premium Plus

A highly concentrated detergent with superb cleaning properties. Easily rinsed off and pleasantly fragranced.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal


An all-in-one detergent that removes tough films, soils, and magnesium chloride deposits. Complete is high foaming and rinses freely.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Red Label Powder

Our premium high pressure powdered detergent. It’s high foaming with excellent wetting agents to penetrate and remove tough soils. Highly concentrated and stable in hard water areas.
Sizes available: 50# / 400#

Blue Label Powder

Made for self-service car washes with water softeners. This premium product has excellent foaming and cleaning agents that remove all types of soil and film. Highly concentrated.
Sizes available: 50# / 400#


Unique Clearcoat Protectant

A high foaming clearcoat. Helps protect clearcoat finishes and polishes. Unique Clearcoat Protectant has excellent rinsing properties with a vanilla scent. It enhances luster, improves water repellency, and reduces spotting and streaking.
Sizes available: 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Tri Foam Conditioner

A pleasantly scented, highly concentrated polish/foam wax that can be used in triple foam wax systems. Tri Foam Wax is an easily rinsed polish wax available in red, blue, and yellow colors.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Waxy Original

A Sealer/Rinse Wax. Waxy Original becomes a foaming wax when used with air and has a cherry scent. It enhances shine, improves water repellency, and reduces streaking and spotting. Easy rinsing.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal

Auxiliary Products


A non-alcohol-based glass cleaner for safe non-flammable use. Dazzle is formulated to clean, shine, and brighten all glass surfaces.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal


An effective concrete cleaner that removes heavy grease and soil from floors. Sprinkle on, scrub, and rinse with water. Orange with a pine scent.

BSR 200 – Bug Stain Remover

An effective pre-spray for windshields, rocker panels, and hard to reach areas. Concentrated for maximum dilution. Dilute up to 1:40 depending upon desired foam level.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 5 gal

Brilliant Brick Cleaner

A heavy-duty high-acid cleaner designed to remove oxidation, rust, and heavy road film from bricks and floor mat holders. Dilute Brilliant with up to 20 parts of water.
Sizes available: 55 gal / 30 gal / 15 gal / 5 gal