Transportation Connection

Although we will never compromise quality, we understand the need for economical products in this tough economy. We will always manufacture the highest quality products using the finest raw materials. You will pay lower prices because we are a local manufacturer with lower overhead and we pass on the savings to you.

Choice Manufacturing Co. has been locally owned since 1985. We currently supply many Colorado car washes and want to add your facility to our list of satisfied customers. Doing business with us is a win-win situation. You will save money without sacrificing quality. Our expertise will give your wash facility a higher customer appeal, help the environment, and provide a clean, spot-free vehicle that will keep customers returning.

Products for Trucks, Trailers, Buses, and Commercial Equipment

At Choice Manufacturing Co. we have developed products that will promote a greener environment. We have an ongoing commitment to provide products and programs that will help our environment. By using ingredients made from renewable sources such as corn, palm oils, and coconut oils, we now offer a variety of detergents that meet Denver Water Department requirements for APE-free (no NPE) products. We also offer credit for returned containers and we recycle them.

Powdered Detergents

Red Label

Granular High-Pressure Detergent
A concentrated, premium powder with high foaming action and water softening ingredients. Free rinsing – no spotting. Eliminates films, grease, oils, and salt deposits. For hard water areas. View Safety Data Sheet.

Blue Label

Granular Soft Water Detergent
Removes tough road films, soils, salt deposits, and bugs from fine automotive finishes. Leaves a sparkling clean luster. Use with water softener systems.

Green Label

Granular Whitewall/Engine Cleaner
A whitewall cleaner developed to remove heavy dirt accumulations. Heavily concentrated and economical. Non-caustic and high-foaming. Also doubles as a touchless system detergent.

Liquid Detergents

Premium Plus

High-Pressure Detergent
A unique high pressure/steam cleaning detergent for trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment. Safe on delicate paint jobs. Will remove grease, soft carbon, smoke soot, and road films. Concentrated.

Auto Suds

High-Pressure Detergent
Excellent cleaning, adequate foaming action, and fast rinsing – all-in-one detergent. Made for hard or soft water conditions. A premium product!

Bug Stain Remover

A biodegradable cleaner designed to remove baked-on bug parts from surfaces, mirrors, grills, lights, and glass.

Polished Chrome Cleaner

And Magnesium Chloride Remover
A high-powered commercial strength cleaner for chrome parts and finishes. Removes tough stains and magnesium chloride. Concentrated and for professional use only.

Foamy Pink

Foaming Cleaner
A high-foaming, concentrated liquid that produces copious amounts of suds. Assists detergents in cleaning.

Jiffy Kleen

Detergent Concentrate
Our premium thick liquid truck wash. Concentrated, high foaming ingredients provide excellent cleaning in all water conditions. Exhibits high lubricity for extended brush life. Free rinsing with no spotting.


Foam Concentrate
A liquid detergent for manual applications. Safe on hands and mittens. 100% biodegradable.

Choice Degreaser

Multi-Purpose Concentrate
A concentrated cleaner for cleaning and degreasing of chassis, engine compartments, drive shafts, engines, and other greasy parts. Emulsifies oils, smut, and dirt. Environmentally responsible.

Tire/Engine Cleaner

A liquid cleaner developed to remove heavy dirt accumulations. Highly concentrated, high-foaming, and economical.



Clearcoat Protectant
A premium product with additives to enhance glass, seal, and protect clear coat finishes. Highly concentrated.

Waxy Original

Sealer Concentrate
A special combination of protective silicones and resins for complete wax protection. Leaves a shiny finish and promotes spot-free rinsing. Dilution ratio: 10 parts wax to 55 parts water.

Miscellaneous Automotive


Glass Cleaner
A concentrated glass cleaner designed to remove smoke film, fingermarks, grease, and dirt. Leaves a clean crystal shine. Made for cold weather endurance.

All Season

Windshield Cleaner
An all-season, pre-mixed automotive/truck windshield washer solvent. Cleans windshields of dirt, dust, smudges, bug splatter, and pollution fallout.


Concrete Cleaner
A high quality concrete cleaner that quickly removes grease, oil, and dirt from concrete surfaces.


High Acid Trailer Brightener
A heavy-duty high acid cleaner designed to remove oxidation, rust, and heavy road film from aluminum and stainless steel trailers.

Jet Steam

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner
Our best upholstery and carpet cleaner made to clean and brighten fabrics. Our low-foaming formula provides deep cleaning for extraction or manual use.

Engine Shops

Red Hot Fe

An exceptional vat cleaner that strips carbon, paint, and encrusted soils off ferrous metals. Not recommended for aluminum or soft metals.

Red Hot Al

For vat stripping of encrusted oil, grease, and soot from aluminum metal parts. Safe on all metals – non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Quick Strip Fe

Made for stripping carbon, grease, and encrusted soils from ferrous metals. Low foaming properties. Recommended for use in spray-cab units.

Quick Strip Al

Aluminum spray cab detergent for cleaning all soft metal parts. Cleans and degreases fast and effectively. Non-corrosive and non-toxic.